Chris Adams: Spirit of Place

20 August - 20 September 2014

An exhibition of new mezzotint prints by Chris Adams.

Born in 1942, Chris Adams grew up in England and went to universities in London and Oxford. He was introduced to print making in 1987, through some inspiring teaching from Jill Macintosh, Kate Coolahan and Basia Smolnicki. In 1994, under John Drawbridge, Chris was converted to the Mezzotint faith. He is attracted to the velvety darkness of the mezzotint and its essential quality of mystery and stillness.

"These mezzotints celebrate the landscape of Wellington, a meeting-place of a geologically active land with the dramatic seas and skies of Cook Strait. Emigrants to this New World have radically modified the land, revealing its innate muscularity and sensual forms, but also leaving poignant remnants of the forest and their own strange monuments to the past – the spirit of place. The mezzotints are arranged to accompany an imagined emigrant (the Gerontius of one print) through arrival, a new life’s challenges and on departure, repose."

Recent Arrivals: Catherine Macdonald, Margaret Silverwood & Ben Reid

  • Margaret Silverwood

These pen and ink line drawings are an attempt to find out what I really think and feel, the stuff that gets ignored when your brain is just trying to help you survive external reality. A character had emerged in earlier drawings that I realised must be me... I used this character as a starting point, and each time I drew I would find out what was going to happen to me that day. Which had already happened, I just didn't know it yet.

I drew the book "Waldoland" the same way. Each day I sat down to draw a page, that page was a reflection of what was right for the story on that day. I wanted to let things happen, rather than plan. The result is hard to categorise, but if I had to, I might call it (with some glee) a "spiritual adventure story".

  • Catherine Macdonald

We are social animals living in communities of strangers, this leads to all types of interactions, some brief and yet memorable others so frequent they become overlooked. It takes all sorts to make up a community, some of them are just people who pass us by in the street, people you only know to nod a greeting at but have enough clues to start to construct a narrative around. These people can trigger memories of past pleasures or pains and spark anticipation and speculation of future ones to come.

They say life is a journey, so that being the case, each day we travel a little further on it, brushing up against people and places that can change our course for better or worse. From these interactions we construct stories our own or others; they can be based on speculation, fact, gossip or manipulated truths. There is truth somewhere in these works.

There are some certainties, in our own way, we are going places. And for better or worse, that’s the fact of the matter.

  • Ben Reid

Ben Reid is a Christchurch-based printmaker whose interest in the fragile relationship that New Zealanders have with the natural environment and its ecosystems is complex. There are no easy solutions.

Since 2005, the subject of Reid’s prints have encompassed hunting trophies, Victorian wallpaper patterns, native flora and fauna, exotic predators, Butcher shop signs, rabbits, Beswick ducks, wild deer, a lighthouse keeper’s cat and birds such as the Brown Teal and the Chatham Island Taiko. Reid brings together a myriad of references that draw attention to the complexity of a relationship with the natural world that has been both exploitative and beneficial to humanity. Yet Reid’s images retain a faith in the redemption of this relationship with nature.

John Pusateri: phase transition

28 May - 5 July 2014

An exhibition of new prints and drawings by John Pusateri.

American born John Pusateri lives and works in New Zealand and is the founder of the Auckland Print Studio. John's work has frequently referenced museum exhibits from collections in New Zealand and in the US. To John a humble museum exhibit is more than just a scientific curiosity. It is simultaneously a real animal, a symbol for it’s species, a story of a particular animal, a pile of bones and feathers, a scientific notion and a hope for future survival. John Pusateri’s new works evolve through the layering of photography, drawing and painting in complex transitions that echo the shifting life of a 'specimen' and its context.

Patricia Bellan-Gillen: necessary fictions

28 May - 5 July 2014

An exhibition of works on paper by Patricia Bellan-Gillen.

Patricia is the Dorothy L. Stubnitz Professor of Art at the Carnegie Mellon University, and has exhibited in over 40 solo exhibitions across the United States. Patricia’s works are exquisitely conceived works of print, drawing and collage. Private stories unfold within a tangle of garden at once magical but ominous. Her works carry layers of symbolism from popular culture, layers of meaning, layers of technique, and an invitation for the viewer to find their own meanings, “My work isn’t complete until someone tells me a story about it I don’t know.”

Kelvin Mann: Alphabet

12 April - 24 May 2014

An exhibition of alphabet etchings by Kelvin Mann.

As a child I have memories of hand painted signs and font books around my fathers signwriting workshop. Some years ago I was working on a series of drawings and illustrated drop caps based on Oscar Wilde’s fairytales.

After the birth of our first child I framed one of the drop caps for his bedroom. More drawings resulted from the births of close friend’s children and the idea of an illustrated alphabet was formed. This proved to be a fairly daunting task as there is no escaping the fact that there are 26 letters and at least one xylophone.

Nigel Brown: Waterfalls

5 March - 12 April 2014

This exhibition of works on paper springs from a waterfall visited during a Dusky sound trip in 2009 on the Pembroke with a number of artists; we were primarily there because William Hodges, Captain Cook’s artist, had been there before us.

I have been dealing with Cook since the early nineteen nineties. Since that Dusky visit I have painted this waterfall in ways connected with Hodges. What I am showing here in these waterfalls is a combination and a contradiction. I am showing a specific waterfall and the cliffs surrounding it. I’ve added a ponga and there is often a man and a woman, a dog maybe and vernacular undertones. Then this is overlaid with outside material and content I’ve introduced in the same way as Hodges altered what he saw. Each work is a topic and a stream of consciousness for the viewer to react with so the local is corrupted by, and added to by, the international which might come from my head or from my reading or the internet.

Locust Jones: Made In Johannesburg

5 March - 12 April 2014

Born in New Zealand, and now residing in Australia, Locust Jones works have been largely influenced by his interest in world politics and his travel experiences. Jones draws from the overlapping feeds of cultural and political information using television news broadcasting, radio, Facebook, and Twitter as sources for his monumental drawings and prints. Jones’ empathic absorption of global political events allows for him to work tirelessly – creating massive, chaotic tangles of hand-scrawled line and text, which explode into fractured pattern and narrative onto enormous panoramic scrolls, or plaster the gallery like wallpaper.

Locust Jones is widely travelled, exhibiting internationally, and participating in artist residencies in New York and Beirut. In 2009, he was the winner of the Hazelhurst Works on Paper Award, and the Fishers Ghost Art Prize. Locust was also the 2010 winner of the Bold Horizons National Contemporary Art Award Waikato Museum. Locust exhibits throughout New Zealand and Australia, and has had solo exhibitions in New York, Germany, and Lebanon.

Struck: Collaborations with Auckland Print Studio

25 January - 1 March 2014

STRUCK is an exhibition of selected lithographs created at the Auckland Print Studio. This selection of lithographic works from the last four years reflect the highly stimulating and creative relationship between the artists and the expertise of the Auckland Print Studio's master printmaker John Pusateri. Artists include, John McKaig, Gretchen Albrecht, Jason Greig, Tiffany Singh, Ayanah Moor, Mark Braunias, Askew One.

Heart/ 2013

30 November - 24 December 2013

Solander's Annual Christmas Cash and Carry Exhibition.

Heart/2013 features small works from Solander's stable of artists, all for $300.00 or less.