Kyoko Imazu & Damon Kowarsky: 2 X 2

2 X 2 is a collection of individual works from both Kyoko and Damon.

Kyoko's works reflect her Japanese background and interest in a whimsical approach to our place in the landscape - with bunnies. "As a child, I drew animals like rabbits, rats, cats and birds for my family and friends. My work is a continuation of this obsession with animals and making narratives from my images."

Mark Graver: Umbra Sumus

Born in St. Albans, UK in 1964, Mark Graver is an award winning artist printmaker, tutor and curator now based at Wharepuke in Kerikeri.  He established the Wharepuke Print Studio, New Zealand’s only dedicated Acrylic Resist Etching workshop, in 2006 and, with partner Tania Booth, Art at Wharepuke Gallery in 2009 and is author of Non-Toxic Printmaking (2011, London, A&C Black).