Auckland Print Studio: Editions

Auckland Print Studio: Editions is a selection of recent prints produced by several artists working with Master Printmaker, John Pusateri at Auckland Print Studio. Each artist expresses their own artistic vision, using the creative opportunities and limitations found in printmaking media. The collaboration experience of working with a Master Printmaker is unique for each artist and is shaped by the strengths and personality of each individual.

In this exhibition of lithographs and woodcuts it is the act of drawing that is the fundamental thread that binds them together. Each work hinges on the strength of the artist’s command of drawing, whether this is by hand, digital and laser techniques.

Featured Artists:  Tim Musso, Dan Heskamp, Jude Rae (Courtesy of Fox/Jensen/McCrory), Trevor Parker, Jason Greig (Courtesy of Hamish McKay Gallery), Felix Vining, Stephen Ellis (Courtesy of Sanderson Contemporary), Amy Blinkhorne, Paul McLachlan, Lonnie Hutchinson (Courtesy of Bartley + Company Art) and John Pusateri.

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Group Exhibition
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26 April - 19 May
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