Stanley Palmer: Chart Aotearoa

Chart Aotearoa is an exhibition of recent paintings and bamboo engravings that celebrate some of Stanley’s favourite places in New Zealand. These works are a very personal expression of his experience and memory of these rugged places.

More than simply a depiction of place and topography, Stanley’s landscapes attempt to touch something far deeper. Through his work he asserts the potency of the New Zealand landscape as a metaphor for ourselves, allowing it to ‘reflect our own experiences and perceptions, as well as the inherent fragility and isolation of living in a country surrounded by a vast ocean’ (Isabel Haarhaus, The North Shore Years, 2004)

”I am interested in a lot of things at the end where the road peters out, the edge between the civilised and where we have no control… the oceans and the sky.” (The North Shore Years, 2004)

Exhibiton runs until 14 October 2017

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Stanley Palmer
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13 September - 14 October
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