Solander also carries a hand-picked selection of cards, books, magazines and other things you may like, such as:


Quake Hold. Archival museum putty for securing artwork and artifacts. It works!!  $15.00


Lateral Inversions/The Prints of Barry Cleavin/ A comprehensive retrospective monograph of the print works of Barry Cleavin and his significant contribution to printmaking in New Zealand. Barry Cleavin $55.00
Stanley Palmer/East. Beautiful coffee table book of the career of Stanley Palmer spanning 40 years of painting and printmaking.
$100.00  (Out of Print)
Stanley Palmer/To The Harbour. Delightful hardcover children's book featuring story and monotype illustrations by Stanley Palmer.
E. Mervyn Taylor  Artist/Craftsman by Bryan James. The story of the life and work of E. Mervyn Taylor, one of the greatest New Zealand exponents of wood engraving. Supurb publication with many wood engraving illustrations. $45.00


Artist’s books are a 20th Century phenomenon. Originally featuring well-known artist’s works they have evolved into myriad forms that treat the book as an art object in its own right. They range from a unique finely-crafted book to mass-produced unlimited editions.

Zines are self published booklets usually made with a photocopier. They have become so ubiquitous that Wellington Public Library now has a zine section and there is an annual Zinefest. They are ephemeral and design and production values are often not high.

Zooks (a hybrid of a zine and book) utilize the simple production methods of zines, but are informed by the tradition of artist’s books and are thus conceptually and in production terms could therefore be considered more sophisticated than the common or garden zine.

Paul Thompson's Zooks & Books Titles include: The Colour of Water $80.00 incl GST. (Edition of 50), Shards of Silver $29.95 incl GST. The Little Handbook of Cloud Identification $20.00 incl GST.
Margaret Silverwood's Comics For Grownups Written and illustrated by Margaret Silverwood. Titles include: Utopia Now $15.00 incl GST. and Paradise Lost $10.00 incl GST.
Catherine Macdonald Self Published Photocopied Books. Award winning Wanganui artist Catherine Macdonald produces a range of self published zines of text and drawings. Titles include: A Pack of Mongrels, A Place Where Things Happen, A time and Place & Dead of the Night $20.00 incl GST.
And Much More But you'll have to drop by to find out.