Jacqueline Aust – Art Vault Residency, Mildura, Australia

Jacqueline Aust is currently at the Art Vault in Mildura, Australia for a three week artist residency. The Art Vault is a magnificent facility! privately owned and operated by Julie and Kevin it’s has a magnificent Australian Print collection, a lovely gallery, 6-7 studio spaces (2-3 specifically for visiting artists), two beautiful apartments and facilities for all sorts of printmaking … Including a stone lithography workshop.

“Mildura is about 5 hours drive from Adelaide on the Victoria/New South Wales border. The Murray River provides the border between the two states. Grapes and oranges abound …. Acre upon acre …. Two hundred miles in any direction and not a sign of a hill! I’ve been in a houseboat on the river, to the Perry Sandhills, to the local billabong (lake, not pub … Although the local brewery does a lovely IPA), and to a variety of salt flats/swamps. People seem quite cagey about questions of industrial/agricultural water use…”

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August 2015 – Stanley Palmer – Art New Zealand

Stanley Palmer features on the latest cover of Art New Zealand.

Richard Wolfe has written an extensive 9 page interview with Stanley who talks about his recent work and reflects on the development of his painting and printmaking practise spanning over 40 years.

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Milarky| HOME LANDS | OAKLAND at the Percy Thomson Gallery Stratford until 19 July

MIlarky has been based in Oakland, California. This collection, HOME LANDS | OAKLAND, has been sent back to New Zealand from his travels in the West Coast of America.

The Collection was grown out of time spent in the area’s not advised to go, through observation and interaction. While there Milarky based his life style out of a small garage where he kept his paint and parked his truck in which he slept in. After a month based in this studio/garage he left it and has been since and still is surviving out of his vehicle. This collection was researched and created while he was living in his truck. gathering the sign’s from location’s he learnt as strategically good for street askers all over Oakland.

This collection was inspired by the Homeless of Oakland, and the material’s are a collaboration between conversation’s and trading of what was trade able. MIlarky added his member’s, which are derived from the sign’s previous owner’s, while he was in a non disrespectful way, homeless himself.

Alexis Neal at the Sarjeant Gallery, Whanganui – May 2015

Alexis Neal: Pura Te Manihera McGregor “Whenua Ki Te Whenua”

Solander artist Alexis Neal has been working on a significant body of work over the last two years inspired by her Sarjeant Gallery, Tylee Cottage residency.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 30 May at 8am, Sarjeant Gallery, 38 Taupo Quay, Whanganui

We hope you can get along to suppoprt Alexis for the opening.

These new work by Alexis Neal are inspired by the story of prominent local woman Pura Te Manihera McGregor, (Maori Chieftainess, born Whanganui 1855 – 1920) whose remarkable taonga (treasures/artifacts) are housed at the Whanganui Regional Museum. The exhibition showcases new works alongside Taonga and engages with an important chapter of local history. This will include printmaking, whāriki (woven panels) and other mixed media works.