Inside Worlds

A group exhibition of three printmaking artists each exploring their own inner worlds and the external world we all share.

Exhibition Opening Event: Wednesday 5 July 5.30-7.00pm

Exhibition runs from 5 July to 5 August

Danielle Creenaune

Our experience of landscape is spatial and the sensations we feel go beyond what is seen visually. My work explores the dialogue between how landscape is seen, how it is perceived through our library of pre-lived experiences and how this is reflected through the visual language of gesture. I deal with presence and place, what it feels like to be in certain landscapes, and in a tangible sense, printmaking.

Jacqueline Aust

There is nothing that says 'I am here' as simply or directly as a gestural mark. Autographic marks can express a sense of individuality, captured in a moment. In an art world where print is ubiquitous, printmaking discussions are constantly peppered with questions about the mechanics of production and the autographic effect of the artist's unique mark on the aesthetic of numerous reproductions.  My work explores the relationship between autographic mark making, a response to place, and the mechanics of making multiple images.


Colour and layering are the defining elements in Marci’s recent works. While the works are physically flat, shifting illusions of depth are created by the overprinting and interplay of colour. “Even though I work in an abstract way, inspiration begins with things that are meaningful and personal to me. As new forms emerge through the layering of colour and shape these initial inspirations are obscured and remain my secrets, my talismans.

Artists in Exhibition: 
Danielle Creenaune, Jacqueline Aust & Marci Tackett
Date of Exhibition: 
5 Jule - 5 August
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