E. Mervyn Taylor: Artist Craftsman

Opening reception Thursday 1 June 5.30 - 7.00pm

Drawings, watercolours and wood engravings by E. Mervyn Taylor (1906-1964) from the Taylor family estate give a unique insight into the skilled and exacting working processes of this very fine artist. Taylor’s early career as a jewellery engraver at the firm of W.H. Worrall in Auckland had honed his innate skills, particularly his mastery of line, and ability to give breadth and depth to a design within a restricted area. He considered himself to be an artist/craftsman and appreciated being identified by that title.

The skills acquired from the observation and detail required for figure drawing can be seen applied across a wide range mediums such as wood engravings, linocuts, watercolours and mural installations.

Though only representing the merest fraction of Taylor’s life and work as a notable New Zealand artist, all the works in the exhibition attest to the fineness and dedication of craftsmanship. They give a very good indication of the extent of his vision and why he is still and shall remain such an important figure in New Zealand art. (from E. Mervyn: Artist Craftsman, Tony Mackle, 2017, Art Consultant)

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E.Mervyn Taylor
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31 May - 1 July
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