Whereabouts: Artists Respond

Whereabouts –  the place where someone or something is.

This exhibition includes work by 56 emerging and established Victorian artists who were invited by leading Australian printmaker, Rona Green, to respond to the word ‘whereabouts’ in any way that resonated with them. The artists have depicted real and imagined places in the built or natural environment and explore concepts relating to memory, history and family.

Each artist has created a new work in a range of genres and styles to a standard size (380 x 280mm) using their printmaking technique of  choice including etching, lino and woodcut, lithography and digital media.

Visitors to  to Whereabouts are offered an opportunity to enjoy thoughtfully crafted and wonderfully engaging example of printmaking en masse.

Artist in the exhibition are Sue Anderson, Elizabeth Banfield, Matthew Clarke, Paul Compton, Miranda Costa, Fiona Davey, Rachel Derum, Mark Dustin, Grace Eve, Philip Faulks, Kevin Foley, Eleanor Franks, David Frazer, Tyronne Gietzmann, Silvi Glattauer, Jackie Gorring, Rona Green, Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison, Gregory Harrison, Bill Hay, Judy Horacek, Anita Iacovella, Kyoko Imazu, Deborah Klein, Gillian Kline, Anita Laurence, Dianne Longley, Michael Lye, Marion Manifold, Cassie May, Aaron McLoughlin, Glenn Morgan, Carnegie Muir, Angela Nagel, Billy Nye, James Pasakos, Jim Pavlidis, Catherine Pilgrim, Michael Reynolds, Cathy Ronalds, David Rosengrave, John Ryrie, Libby Schreiber, Gwen Scott, Heather Shimmen, Glen Smith, Ruth Stanton, Neale Stratford, Sophia Szilagyi, Helen Timbury, Clayton Tremlett, Peter Ward, Deborah Williams, Joel Wolter and Jessi Wong.