Marci Tackett: Energy and Matter

We all know that when we are looking at a print we are observing nothing more than a thin support (paper) with layers of oil and pigment (ink) pushed into that support by way of a press.

Marci Tackett is interested in reminding viewers that everything that happens when we see is about perception and the way our brains organise visual information.

This series of works extend from her investigation around the confounding of visual hierarchy based on altering colour, tinting strength and transparency. In this iteration, Marci has added in texture, gesture and mark-making density variations.

Marci’s goal has been to see if dominant shapes/marks that want to take on a primary compositional role by their inherent nature can also take on secondary, submissive roles within the visual hierarchy and visa-versa.

In lieu of an opening event Marci will be in the gallery from 11.00am to 4.00pm Saturday 5 September to chat with visitors about her new works – we hope you can join us