Jacqueline Aust: Displaced

The theme of displaced is both the subject and process of this series.

A new series will often be underpinned by a visit or residency in another place, in this instance Japan. Our visit to Japan coincided with a typhoon and everywhere we went we were struck by how the Japanese people responded to such devastation.

Millions of people are displaced from their homes every decade because of war, natural disasters and the effects of climate change. Whether or not we are immediately affected we are reminded every day of the impact this has on our lives.

The works exhibited in Displaced continue my exploration of the relationship between autographic mark making and a response to place. Traditionally the process of printmaking involves a matrix, or plate, from which a number of works are printed. These works are essentially the same and are called an edition. My practice is to create series of works using the same plate/s so that each work is unique yet has a clear visual connection to each other work in the series.

The print making process allows the placement and replacement of components that leave visual traces to tell the story. I make material decisions based on the subject of displacement so the aesthetics of the final work relates to the theme.

Thanks to ART MONTHLY AUSTRALIA¬† for including Jacqueline’s exhibition in their online blog (see link below) that looks at how galleries are staying connected while their physical spaces are closed during the current world health crisis.