Weilun Ha: Fragile Hearts

Weilun Ha is a Vietnam-born Chinese New Zealander. Ha explores the ideas of personal stories in symbolic objects; diversity in cultural motifs; and gestures of fragility in life philosophies. The works complex interaction with Chinese porcelain patterns weaves historical references and significant moments behind his objects. The paintings embrace the richness of different cultures and create an intensity that is layered with interpretation and stories.

“Filled with dreams and passion, people want life to be at its fullest in every season in life. Traveling to exotic locations as we dream to explore the world, getting that job you always wanted to support our love ones. Our hearts dictate where we go with our desires. Sometimes we lose hope and break our hearts, but resilience is like gold, it seals up the cracks and make the cracks in life beautiful and stronger than before. The patterns on the valves function like family they are all different and unique but they balance each other to form the bigger and greater picture and function as one.”