Weilun Ha: Candy Crush

“I only paint things that are meaningful to me and would only create works that I feel that would enlighten people to meanings in life”

– Weilun Ha

Weilun Ha is a Vietnam-born Chinese New Zealander. He holds a Masters of Architecture degree from The University of Auckland. His practice is based around his keen interest in eco-friendly issues and contemporary identity in Chinese ink paintings which is continually evolving and not easily reducible to definite categories.

Ha explores the ideas of personal stories in symbolic objects; diversity in cultural motifs; and gestures of fragility in life philosophies. The works complex interaction with Chinese porcelain patterns weaves historical references and significant moments behind his objects. The paintings embrace the richness of different cultures and create an intensity that is covered with interpretation and stories.

Follow this link to read Weilun Ha’s recent interview around his practice and this exhibition.

Works can also be viewed in the gallery, please email: info@solandergallery.co.nz to make an appointment.