New Paintings by Nuala Gregory

The way to blue: New Paintings by Nuala Gregory

For this exhibition, Nuala Gregory has created three new series of works entitled: Against gravity; What you may know; and Behind this (ir)regularity. These works combine materials and techniques from painting and collage to explore the sensuous particularities of colour, line and shape – and the effects of difference and harmony that arise from their action upon one other.

Gregory draws upon various ideas from the history of modernist painting, interpreted through bold colour, cut-out shapes, patterns, texture, layering and repetition. She approaches painting as a form of knowledge and a source of play, possibility and experimentation.

The result is a set of abstract works whose aesthetic derives from the simple arrangement of colour phenomena.

Exhibition will be opening for viewing at Solander Gallery from:

13 October – 16 October from 11am – 4pm and then by appointment until 23 October