Rodney Fumpston: New Works

In his new suite of laser engravings and the accompanying mezzotints, Rodney Fumpston continues his preoccupation with his sense of place, the exoticism of foreign travel and his relationship with the natural world- especially with gardens.

Fumpston sees this new work as anthropomorphic portraiture using sea forms collected in recent years of tropical beachcombing. This body of work uses laser-engraved Perspex plates and colouring that emulates the printing techniques of early postcards and souvenir items. There are references to the effect on the environment of the tourist’s insatiable need for the ubiquitous holiday souvenir.

Fumpston’s was born in Fiji and spent his formative years there until moved to New Zealand in the 1950s. His family shifted many times. This early experience shaped his future to becoming an itinerant traveller as an adult. In 2004 he returned to Fiji and bought a house in the vicinity of his childhood and created a lush tropical garden. Since then he has largely divided his time equally between Auckland and Fiji.