Richard Adams: Two Part Harmony

These new works on paper and board bring Richard Adams painting and music process to a new point of harmony. Harmony in music is the sound of 2 or more notes put together to create a pleasing sound. This can also apply to painting, where 2 or more lines or brush strokes placed together can create a pleasing image. As Adams is a jazz musician there is much improvisation and therefore risk taking in order to create harmony. The same risks apply to his painting. The artist endeavors to create harmony between light and shade, line and stroke. In this new body of work Adams has incorporated aspects of music – using 5 lines to represent the stave, 5 blocks of colour to represent counterpoint or 5 areas of light and shade which represent forte or pianissimo thereby creating harmony.

Please join Richard for the opening of his exhibition ‘Two Part Harmony’ on Wednesday 22 July from 5.30-7.00pm.