Nic Goodwolf: Transit

This suite of new prints by Nic Goodwolf is a journey into the inherent nature of flux. The work explores the desire of humanity to use creativity, invention and transformation to make sense of life while inherently placed in a world caught between past and future.

 “Transit” explores the inherent need of transition for life to flourish. Goodwolf’s imagery include ark like structures, symbolizing movement of people to distant shores to create new life. Similarly Goodwolf depicts seeds travelling vast distances in order to find new ground to continue the biological sequence as well as microbes, spores and cell formations executing journeys to create new life.

Goodwolf draws on a variety of printmaking techniques, a strong use of colour, direct drawing on the print surface and energetic mark making as an intergral part of his art making process. In this chaos is spontaneity, creativity and playfulness.

Nic Goodwolf

Belinda Griffiths