light and shadow

Solander Gallery will open 2019 with light and shadow, a show curated from gallery stock artworks. The title of this show references chiaroscuro, a painting technique developed in the late 15th century, emphasising the interplay of light and shade in drawing and painting. Chiaroscuro depends on an ever-changing gradient of light to accentuate form and tone, and to heighten emotional tension. It is a technique often used in painting and printmaking, but is not directly acknowledged or widely known of today. All works included in light and shadow will be monochromatic, while dealing with ideas around the human condition such as Margaret Silverwood’s: This is not me, Locust Jones: Ebola and Kathryn Madill’s: The Blue Train, to name a few.

Other selected artists include Alexis Neal, Catherine Macdonald, Danielle Creenaune, Inge Doesburg, Jacqui Colley, John Pusateri, Mark Graver, Milarky, Paul McLachlan, Peter Collis and Simon Kaan.

This exhibition has been curated by Will Bennett.

light and shadow opens on 15th January and runs until 2nd February.

Simon Kaan

Peter Collis

Jacqui Colley

Danielle Creenaune

Inge Doesburg

Kathryn Madill

Mark Graver



Alexis Neal

Margaret Silverwood

Locust Jones

Catherine Macdonald

John Pusateri