Kelvin Mann: Skein

Skein refers to a flock of wild geese or swans in flight, typically in a V-shaped formation. They fly in this manner in order to benefit from the preceding bird’s updraft and to save energy during a long flight.

As with¬† triangular shape of migratory birds, the triangle can also reflect the genealogical base of a species. During the 1970’s and 80’s conservationist Don Merton lead a team to save a tiny bird, the Black Robin, whose numbers at one point dropped to only five. There were two adult females and of that pair only one, Old Blue, managed to successfully rear chicks. Today there are an estimated 250 black robins, all descended from Old Blue who sits unequivocally at the top of her triangular family tree.

This suite of works reflects the significance of the individual and their integral connection to the flock, like building blocks or jigsaw pieces for something larger and far more important.

Born in Dunedin, Kelvin as a printmaker at Stoney Road Press in Dublin since 2002 and shows in Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.