Alexis Neal: Puāwai

In 2013 Alexis Neal was given an artist book by the American artist Louise Bourgeois called Nothing to Remember (2006) which is a suite of obsessive drawings that weaves together fragments of Bourgeois’s past and memory.

This solo exhibition by Neal draws inspiration from that book, weaving together fragments of her own past. The resulting suite of lithographs, screenprints and her own artist book symbolically uses the colour red to reflect on the passion and fragility of our humanness and to unify the divergent strands of memory underpinning her work.

Jill Trevelyan in Everything is fleeting: new work by Alexis Neal (2018) says Neal’s work “draws on a Māori conception of time, which tends to be circular rather than linear: past, present and future are inextricably linked…”. Her artistic visual language excites the mind and encourages the viewer to access their own, perhaps previously hidden memories to create a relevant personal narrative.

Exhibition runs from 13 March – 13 April