Patricia Bellan-Gillen

American artist Patricia Bellen-Gillen, recently retired as professor in the school of art at Carnegie  Mellon University after 29 years. Her works often explore cross cultural iconography through painting and works on paper.

“Somewhere in my brain, personal narrative mixes with fairytales.  Historical events intertwine with the imagined and the veil of nostalgia blurs the border between fact and fiction.  Archetypal imagery dances in the temporal lobe with cartoon characters and recent news flashes picked from the Internet join the sagas of black and white television. My work uses these bits and pieces of visual history, the “stones and bones” of memory to suggest a narrative and remix our stories.  These disorderly notions are exploited and employed in an attempt to engage the viewer’s associative responses and to jar the forgotten memories and stories that lay quietly below the surface.”