National Whale Centre

Fund Raising Limited Edition Prints

Proceeds from the sale of these prints goes to the National Whale Centre Development Trust, Picton Whale Centre.

Given the rich history and cultural significance of whales and whaling in New Zealands past, and the diverse range of cetacean knowledge residing in various academic, research and commercial enterprises as well as in the private domain throughout the country, it is the intention of the NWC Development Trust to create an information network and eventually a physical entity which can operate as a central information, research and education portal.

In support of the endevoures of the National Whale Centre Development Trust, five prominent artists have created original limited edition prints that reflect on our rich Whale history to raise funds for the proposed National Whale Centre for Picton.

Dick Frizzell, One for the Whales has taken Sam Hunt’s freewheeling poem The Harpooner’s Song, referring to the historic whaling centres of Picton in New Zealand and Nantucket in North America, and emphasised the most famous lines in an edgy, very collectible artwork.

Gregory O’Brien, Raoul Island Whale Survey with Shipping Containers, Astrolab Reef  is the result of Greg’s intimate involvement with the Kermadec Project , 2012.

John Walsh,  “He whanaunga” is like a greeting “Hey relation“.  We are related, at some point and of course to Maori all things are connected, all part of the organism of life. Even inanimate things, mountains, rivers, ancestors, dreams, memories…

John Pule, None But Ourselves is taken from “None but ourselves can free our mind”, from Redemption Song by Bob Marley.

Michel Tuffery, Tangaroa Sanctuary, Mana Island is a screenprint inspired by his Pacific Island heritage.