Michele Bryant

Michele Bryant’s artwork explores ideas of belonging. Bryant uses plane shapes to illustrate the idea of leaving or returning to a space, but this shape will sometimes overlay a map, demonstrating that the location may journey with the traveler. Bryant’s use of maps and topography as well as the plans of buildings and houses illustrates the influence of her surroundings. Symbols of travel, return and a need for both personal space and the wider community are expressed often in Bryant’s practice. Keys, with implications of inclusion and exclusion are another recurring motif in Michele’s work.

At a distance the work often has great visual impact, but also needs to also be viewed at close range to read the underlying messages, which make sense of the work as a whole. Bryant was originally trained as a printmaker and textile artist. She uses a range of mediums to create her work such as hand-drawn maps carved into wood, metal, resin, glass, and oil on board.

Her work is represented in private and public collections here and overseas.