Martin Poppelwell

Martin Poppelwell (b.1968) a full-time Artist based in Hawke’s Bay, studied at Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, in the early 1990’s and later studied under potter Ross Mitchell-Anyon in Whanganui. Since he has exhibited works locally and nationally in private galleries as well as public art institutions.

Graphic and illustrative, Poppelwell’s work deftly negotiates a titanic range of media and commissions. Installations, oil, printmaking, watercolour, ink, acrylic, enamels, varnish, canvas, paper and clay have all been manipulated and made fodder for Poppelwell’s voracious practice. Drawing is central to all of Poppelwell’s works and the line or a schematic outline is constantly utilised.

Massaging the distinction between the applied arts and contemporary art, Poppelwell’s works are bundles of different artistic language. Self-consciously dissolving meaning, using appropriation of images and quotation, often his painted words and images are incomplete or backwards, meaning and for slips and slops around.