Marci Tackett

Born in Denver, Colorado in 1968, Marci received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking and her Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from the University of Colorado in 1994.

Marci has lived and worked in New Zealand since 2006, developing and expanding her interdisciplinary art practice and teaching at The Learning Connexion in Lower Hutt.

“Colour and layering are the defining elements in this body of work. By using CMYK process colours (cyan, magenta and yellow) the work utilises the language of industrial image reproduction. Instead of working on the usual microscopic scale (such as colour newspaper photos with their tiny dots of CMYK ink that create a full-colour image) these works blow the process up to a scale where the illusion is broken and the layered colour relationship can be experienced on a visceral level. While the works are physically flat, shifting illusions of depth are created by the interplay of colour. Each work is begun with meditative scribbling; I express my physicality through this action. The marks record the degree of tension and speed with which I am drawing, as well as the range of motion and proportion in my hands, arms and shoulders. It is important to me to include this self-portrait of sorts. I make a spontaneous mark then I translate it into a shape, which I cut into a stencil, ink up and layer.”