Simon Kaan: New Works

Like many paintings in New Zealand, Simon Kaan's new work falls into horizontals or is dominated by a horizon, perhaps because looking out to sea is a large part of our shared experience. What makes Simon’s work distinctive is its delicately muted colour and the way wood textures are featured throughout the work, not just as a base for the work but as a source of texture in both the paintings and prints.

Simon's spare, fine motifs of waka and tree etc. are incised into the wood as dark emblems that cast shadows in a way that makes them real and timeless. The natural quality of the work, its atmosphere and its motifs drawn from mixed cultures open these works to multiple interpretations. The work is contemplative rather than done for dramatic impact. (based on an article by T.J. McNamara: Journey Beyond Horizon NZ Herald 2014)

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Simon Kaan
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22 March - 22 April
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