Aiko Robinson: Lovers Cannot See

Warning: this exhibition contains sexually explicit imagery

Aiko Robinson builds on the Japanesse tradition of  ukiyo-e  shunga  erotic woodcut prints which flourished in Japan during the Edo period between the 17th and 19th centuries.  Aiko’s work features headless figures engaging in erotic acts. This headlessness effectively obscures the image, allowing the sexual content to remain temporarily hidden in plain sight. It allows the viewer to focus on the body and cloth as a flowing unity.

Aiko brings a softness and beauty in the execution of the images, a delicate palette employed to emphasise particular areas within the tightly controlled compositions. This sensuality is encapsulated by the glorious swathes of drapery. The drapery visually and literally cushions the human forms.

Aiko Robinson is a Christchurch based artist of Japanese and New Zealand heritage. She is a recent graduate from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland and has exhibited extensively over the past year. Exhibitions include the International student printmaking exhibition, exhibited in 14 galleries worldwide, including the Gus Fisher gallery in Auckland. She was selected as a finalist for both the Henrietta and Lola Anne Tunbridge Scholarship for watercolour painting 2014, and the Waikato Society of Arts Painting and Printmaking award 2015. 

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    Aiko Robinson
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    23 March - 30 April
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